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Funeral Scheme

This is one of the famous schemes that helped to launch the federation into being. Although it is unpleasant to talk about, one cannot run away from or wish death away. Each and every one of us is therefore expected to assist, especially financially, in the event of death in the family.

The scheme comes out as a funeral group package. This means that all subscribing BOFESETE members should be subscribing to this scheme, as a policy requirement.

The scheme covers immediate family members as well as parents and parents-in-law for a minimum premium of P27.80 per month. The member/spouse and children who are 16 years and over get P5,000.00 each in the event of death. Children who are 6 yrs old but younger than 16 and those under 1 year including stillborn get P2,000.00 and P750.00 respectively. Parents and parents-in-law and children 1 year and older but younger than 6 years each get P1,000.00. Dependents who are over 21 years and are neither in full time studies nor disabled are not covered.

In the event of death, one has to call the office for the details about processing claims. The claims are processed within a record period of 48 hours. School reps and Heads should also advise members and/or relatives about making their claims as soon as they can within 6 months after death (after six (6) months the claim expires).

Metropolitan Botswana has clarified two points of major concern. First was that they received a number of death claims whereby the deceased are not the legal parents to the member as should be according to section 6 of the contract with Metropolitan. Section 6 is said to clearly define parents to be covered. It further states that a legally recognised parent is the one whom there is a court order, or documentation clearly granting custody of the child to this person and not a letter usually written once the said parent is dead, nor a letter from the Chief confirming that the deceased was a guardian of the member. Step-parents should also have legally adopted the children in order for them to be covered, otherwise legally, marriage does not confer parenthood. The second point was that, according to the rules, children are covered up to the age of 21. However, this cover can only be extended to children above this age up to the age of 25 when they are full time students and Metropolitan has been provided with such proof.

In addition, children who are incapacitated from maintaining themselves by mental or physical disability are covered up to no limit and when claims are made in this respect, they should be accompanied by a doctors’ medical evidence to the effect that the said child was indeed incapacitated. The company regrets that it is not going to pay claims to any questionable covers. For further details contact BOFESETE office.

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