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Computer Scheme

One of the objectives of BOFESETE is to explore ways and means of providing tangible economic benefits for its members, and in line with that objective, a deal has been signed with Apple Centre to facilitate ownership of computers by teachers. The Honourable Minister for Education Mr. G. Kgoroba officially launched this deal in December 2000.

Objectives of the scheme

The scheme allows teachers the opportunity to purchase computers at concessionary rate and to pay for them using the salary stop order, like people do with insurance, funeral cover etc. The objective is to encourage more teachers to own personal computers. This is useful in the personal and professional work. The idea is to encourage more teachers to be computer literate and proficient so that teachers are not left behind in the Information and Communications Revolution taking place.

How does one qualify for the scheme?

The only way to access the scheme is to be a member of BOFESETE. If you are a secondary school teachers your first task is to fill out an application form for BOFESETE. (A simple process, just call 570-845 and ask for a form and fax the same back or email at

How does the process work?

First get in contact with Apple Centre and speak to Alan, Monthusi or Kim at 359-770 or email, their email addresses are,,, to identify the package of computers and other services that you would like to purchase e.g. Internet access, computer table, training etc. (refer to broacher for full list of products and services available with the scheme). Apple Centre will then give you a quote and tell you what your deposit and monthly will be, depending also on your repayment period.

Next step is to get in touch with BOFESETE office to first confirm your membership and then sign a salary deduction agreement form. Remember BOFESETE will be deducting your monthly payments from your salary to pay Apple Centre on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about paying Apple Centre every month. There is a token P10.00 administration fee payable to BOFESETE every month inclusive in the deduction. New members we require a waiting period of one calendar month, just to confirm that deductions have been processed.

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