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The Botswana Federation of Secondary School Teachers (BOFESETE) is an association duly registered with the Registrar of Societies in accordance with the laws of Botswana. Membership of BOFESETE is open to all secondary school teachers who professionally qualifies as teachers.

The BOFESETE office of Publicity and Information through this website shows the turbulent life of one of the most progressive and fast growing association of secondary school Teachers in Botswana.

It is our hope that after browsing this website you will be in a position to assist and appreciate the growth of the organisation. The organisation is there because of you. It gets direction and strength from your input, not only through subscriptions but also through your active participation by recruiting new members and attending BOFESETE meetings, conferences and congresses. The success of the federation is therefore heavily dependent on your contribution as a Teacher in Botswana.

If you are not a member yet, please consider your position and take a positive step by signing up. Your membership makes the federation more formidable and stronger. Since its inception, the federation has seen it all. You will also appreciate that quite a number of issues still need a united teaching workforce for them to be resolved. History will also tell you that a united workforce has always made great achievements.

BOFESETE membership is growing at an alarming rate as membership forms are flowing in daily. This really shows the confidence Teachers have in the organisation. It also means that school reps, regional coordinators and other committed Teachers are really working hard to get everyone on board. The Executive can only be successful with the full support of Teachers. One has to hasten to add that this support from Teachers is very crucial since the National Executive committee is made up of full time Teachers, who doubles up as classroom Teachers and Executive committee members.

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